100 Must-Try Star Wars Activities for Kids

100 Must-Try Star Wars Activities for Kids

Inside: This is a collection of our favorite Star Wars activities: from science & math to engineering & crafts, from sensory bins and yummy treats to Star Wars paper projects, language arts, and printables. There’s something for every little Jedi in the universe.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when the obsession began. One day I was looking at the retreating back of my child, stalking off in a huff because my husband suggested we watch a Star Wars movie. “I don’t like that stuff! It lacks common sense!” were his exact words.


And yet… the next thing I knew?


It was a full out mania.


The problem was that once I sat down to watch that first Star Wars movie with my family, I was… well, to say that I was disappointed is an understatement: I was appalled. My life was too valuable to waste on watching a bunch of adults running around in Halloween costumes shooting each other with blasters. Barf. I had to agree with my son’s original assessment, “It lacked all common sense.”


But, by default, my son’s obsession became a huge part of my life. I was forced to watch the movies. I was asked to develop theories regarding the characters’ choices. And I had to sit through hours of mind-numbing discussions about the finer points of the design of different battle vehicles. I even read aloud all of the original books – The New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.


Begrudgingly though, I had to admit to many benefits of this mania. Star Wars became the first books my son was eager to read on his own. The games that he staged with his Star Wars LEGO pieces exercised his imagination, creativity, and even commitment (his stories could last weeks!). And he developed the ability to memorize foreign words like “boffin” and “Esehigi” at a speed I didn’t know was possible.

This is a collection of our favorite Star Wars activities. There’s something for every little Jedi in the universe. #STARWARS #science #kidsactivities #kidminds #laughingkidslearn #LEGO #STEAM


Thus, reluctantly at first, but with more enthusiasm over the years, I became that mom who is always on the lookout for an exciting Star Wars project or a well-put-together Star Wars-themed lesson plan.


And when I couldn’t find one, I was ready to invent it.


When my kids were learning about magnets, I came up with the Defying Gravity activity that my kids still refer to as “that cool thing mom showed us with magnets” (FYI: it’s been readers’ favorite for a while too). And recently, when my kids were exploring Potential and Kinetic Energy, my kids and I did some awesome Energy of Motion simulations with Yoda and a LEGO Wheel Droid Vehicle.


So, if you are looking for an amazing list of educational activities to support your Star Wars-obsessed child then you are in the right place. While there are a great many Star Wars-themed activities out there, not all of them are exciting. Here we’ve gathered the ones we find most worthy.


Let’s dig in.


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This is a collection of our favorite Star Wars activities. There’s something for every little Jedi in the universe. #STARWARS #science #kidsactivities #kidminds #laughingkidslearn #LEGO #STEAM

Star Wars Science

Expand both your child’s scientific horizons and their knowledge base with the following hands-on science activities. From gravity to the energy of motion, from chemical reactions to escape rooms, your children will have so much fun they won’t realize they’re learning some serious scientific concepts.


Magnet Science: Defying Gravity / Kid Minds

Yoda Experiment: The Energy of Motion / Kid Minds

Star Wars Sound Vibrations Experiment / Fizzics Education 

Jawa With Light Up Led Eyes / Bitter Betty Blogs

Star Wars Astronomy / Share It! Science

Circular Motion with Star Wars / From Engineer to SAHM

Erupting Death Star / Little Bin For Little Hands

What is Force? / Kristin Moon Science

Why Wind Vane Points in The Direction From Which The Wind Is Blowing / Kid Minds

Galaxy Sugar Crystal / Stemsational

Star Wars Escape Room / Life With Moore Babies


This is a collection of our favorite Star Wars activities. There’s something for every little Jedi in the universe. #STARWARS #science #kidsactivities #kidminds #laughingkidslearn #LEGO #STEAM

Star Wars Engineering

Everything human-made is created by engineers. Engineers design, build, and maintain structures, engines, and machines.  They can even create solutions to protect and improve the quality of the natural environment.


What I love about hands-on engineering activities is that they stimulate kids’ creativity and critical thinking skills. And you never know… what starts as a simple project in the middle of your living room floor could morph into a life-long passion.


Ewok Catapult / Kid Minds 

Building Challenge Game / Sunshine and Hurricane 

Basic Bricks Lego Star Wars Ideas / Little Bins for Little Hands

Life-Size Phone Controlled Beach Ball BB8 Droid / Instructables

LEGO C3 PO Building Instructions / Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

R2-D2 Building Instructions / Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls 

Civil Engineering Site Considerations / Teachers Pay Teachers


This is a collection of our favorite Star Wars activities. There’s something for every little Jedi in the universe. #STARWARS #science #kidsactivities #kidminds #laughingkidslearn #LEGO #STEAM

Star Wars Crafts

Crafts can teach children a tremendous amount of useful skills: focus and concentration, problem-solving, and seeing things through to the end. Some crafts are intense, like making an X-wing fighter from office supplies. Other crafts are relaxing and meditative, like Crayon Resist Death Star. Show your kids this list and see what captures their imagination.  


Star Wars Sculptures from Water Putty / Kid Minds 

Led-activated Lightsaber cards / Left Brain Craft Brain

Crayon Resist Death Star / Fun A Day

Easy Yoda Craft / Coffee Cups & Crayons

X-Wing Fighter from Office Supplies / Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

Star Wars Finger Puppets / The Idea Room

Toilet Paper Roll Space Shuttle Craft / I Heart Crafty Things

Darth Vader Craft Stick Puzzle / Crafts on Sea

Light Saber Pool Noodles / Muddy Boots

Endor Scene Terrarium / Creo Photography

Star Wars Shadow Puppets / Childhood 101

Yoda Card Craft / Simple Everyday Mom

Toilet Paper Tube Star Wars Characters / Hello, Wonderful

Recycled Droids / All For The Boys

DIY Polymer Clay Yoda Tutorial / Mama Smiles


Star Wars Sensory

When I set out to find the best Star Wars-themed sensory activities for my kids, I wanted them to be both easy to set up and fun. From slime and oobleck to sensory bins and playdough, the following activities will give your children something really cool to play with without requiring you to take half your day gathering supplies and putting it together.


Molten Lava Slime to recreate Obi-wan and Anakin duel on Mustafar / Fun A Day

BB-8 Inspired Playdough / Left Brain Craft Brain

Free Han Solo from “carbonite” / Fun A Day

Glowing Star Wars Lightsaber Bottles / Little Bins for Little Hands

Star Wars Playdough Kit / MamaPapaBubba 

Star Wars Slime / The Farm Girl Gabs

Galaxy Oobleck / Nerdy Mamma

Tatooine Desert Sensory Bin / Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails


This is a collection of our favorite Star Wars activities. There’s something for every little Jedi in the universe. #STARWARS #science #kidsactivities #kidminds #laughingkidslearn #LEGO #STEAM

Paper Projects

What I love about paper is that its humble form offers never-ending possibilities. You can cut it, fold it, glue it. You can turn it into a bookmark, an airplane, or even the Millennium Falcon.


How to make origami Millenium Falcon / Gizmodo

Star Wars Cubes / Kid Minds

Darth Vader Bookmark / Red Ted Art

Star Wars Snowflakes Patterns / Anthony Herrera Designs

Clone Wars 3D Paper Craft / Cube Ecraft

Star Wars Paper Airplanes / Royal Baloo

Paper Mache Death Star / The Nerd Nest



Star Wars Printables

Printable activities are a great way to go when you need a few minutes to yourself. Your kids are busy, learning, and having fun, while you are free to concentrate your focus elsewhere. Everyone is happy!


Printable Activities for Your Young Jedi / Read Brightly

Exciting Printable Activity Kits / The Review Wire

Decoding Fun / Rock Your Homeschool

Star Wars Daily Math / 3 Dinosaurs

Unit Study / 3 Boys and a Dog

Star Wars I Spy Activity Printables / Little Bins For Little Hands

Princess Leia Color By Number / Coloring Squared

Star Wars Coloring Pages / Real Life At Home

Star Wars Bingo Game / Paper Trail Design

Codebreakers / Teaching Squared

Color By Note Music Worksheets / Making Music Fun

Star Wars Mazes / Rock Your Homeschool

Unit Study for Middle School / Year Round Homeschooling


This is a collection of our favorite Star Wars activities. There’s something for every little Jedi in the universe. #STARWARS #science #kidsactivities #kidminds #laughingkidslearn #LEGO #STEAM

Star Wars Math

The Star Wars theme makes fractions and multiplication practice much more exciting. Your kids will be begging to do more!


Star Wars Math 7-day challenge / Kid Minds

Star Wars Coordinates Worksheets / 3 Boys and a Dog

Star Wars Monopoly / Affiliate Link

Fun Latitude and Longitude Practice with Star Wars movies / Scholastic

Star Wars Multiplication Pack / Royal Baloo

Pictorial Mathematical Equations / My Modern Met

Star Wars Pythagorean Theorem Worksheets / 3 Boys & a Dog

Math Puzzles / Mush Up Math

Stormtrooper Fractions / 3 Dinosaurs

Practice Addition & Subtraction With LEGO Minifigures  / Inspirational Laboratories


Star Wars Language Arts

These activities are a great way to encourage kids to improve their language skills. Both younger and older kids can have fun with grammar, spelling, reading, and writing.


Star Wars Grammar by Yoda / Grammarly

Write Your Own Star Wars Stories with Story Dice / Deceptively Educational

Exciting Printable Writing Prompts / Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls (my son loves this one!)

Star Wars Bedtime Stories / Mama Smiles

Tackle Syntax With Yoda / New York Times Learning

Sight Word Game / Playdough to Plato

Sight Word Cards / Learning 4 Kids

Star Wars Creature Creator / Twinkl

2nd grade Writing / Affiliate Link

Spelling Test Printables / Blessed Beyond A Doubt

Star Wars Readers / Affiliate Link


Star Wars Treats

As you already know, Star Wars books and movies have inspired a great many recipes and tasty treats. Did you already try something? We once tried to make Millennium Falcon-shaped pizza… it was a disaster. The treats that made our list today are impossible to screw up. May the forks be with you!


Death Star Watermelon / Make Zine

Jawa Vegan Cupcakes / Just Jenn Recipes

Bacon Bantha Kabobs Recipe / Smart Fun DIY

Darth Maul Quinoa Salad / Star Wars

BB-8 Cupcakes / Baking Mischief

Star Wars Cookie Cutters / Affiliate Link

Star Wars Snacks / Candy Store

Wookie Shake / Left Brain Craft Brain

Blue Milk From Tatooine / Red Head Baby Mama



I hope these activities bring some joy to you and your kids. And if you get a spare moment, please let me know what caught your attention on this list!

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