What kind of activity mom are you?

What kind of activity mom are you?

When it comes to planning activities with your kids, which of these applies best to you?

Your kid found a cute craft idea in a magazine and begs you to try it. Which one of the following is the most accurately description of you?

How often do you spend time with your kids doing creative projects together?

What's the best part of kid’s activity subscriptions and boxed sets?

It’s a snow day, and you’ve already played outside for hours. Now you are:

The activity you are doing with your kids is getting out of hand, and they are getting louder and louder. Which one of the following is most likely to describe you?

Kids have been doing activities on their own all morning; the dining table looks like an explosion of paints, glitter, and craft pieces.

For you, the most satisfying part of doing activities with your kids is:

Imagine you’ve got two hours of unplanned free time (and the baby is sleeping). What will you do with the time?

The activity is taking much longer than anticipated. Which one of the following best describes you on a typical day.

What kind of activity mom are you?
Type A Mom

What kind of mom are you? Type A mom! You care a lot about managing your time and doing things efficiently. #formoms #personality

You care a lot about managing your time and doing things efficiently. It takes you 5 minutes to complete a 10-minute project. You haven’t had an unscheduled day since you were in kindergarten, and getting stuff done is your credo. When it comes to parenting, you’re efficient, organized, and intentional about spending time with your children. No matter how busy you are, you find time to regularly engage in activities that promote bonding and foster cooperation. You can find new ways of connecting with your children with our activities. Plus, with our customized plan and done-for-you checklist, you’ll finish in half the time.
Analytical Mom

Analytical Mom

Analytical mom Your beautiful mind thrives on logic and intellectual stimulation. You like figuring things out and prioritize the pursuit of meaningful activities with your children. No fake farting sounds to make kids laugh is in your parenting repertoire. You're most comfortable with patterns, connections, and practicality. Just don't get too carried away. A bit of silliness and nonsense in your interaction with your kids will help you get more flexible and will work to your advantage. Our activity guide for you combines clear steps with practical fun.
Sensitive Mom

Sensitive Mom

Sensitive mom You are a highly sensitive mom. You relate well to your children, but you can easily get overwhelmed by unstructured activities, clutter, and loud noises. You make an effort to support your children in whatever ways you think will help them feel loved, but your feelings are hurt easily if they don’t respond the way you expected. You value harmony above all, and peaceful relationships in the family are your number one priority. You prefer activities that foster cooperation, but also offer an outlet for your creative side. Get a steady stream of creative activities with our guides to make sure you’re connecting without feeling overwhelmed. You can do this!
Minimalist Mom

minimalist mom

Minimalist mom You hate clutter, messy projects, jam-packed schedules, and projects that take half of Sunday. As a minimalist mom, you prefer activities that are to the point and stress-free. The good news is that connecting with your children through activities doesn't have to be a messy business. As you discover with our no-prep activities, you can enjoy the bonding without veering too far off your minimalist path.

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