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 Nurture kids’ natural desire to learn with our fun schooling ideas. Kid Minds focuses on teaching elementary grades, though some science experiments, art projects, and games are also suitable for older kids.


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“Whether you are just considering homeschooling, have recently started it, or are a seasoned veteran in need of a homeschool makeover, this ebook is for you. It will show you how to homeschool smarter


Mindful homeschooling doesn’t mean every member of your family needs to twist into a pretzel and sit on a mountaintop waiting for enlightenment. Mindful homeschooling means that you are deliberate in how you set up a strong foundation and nurture a positive bond with your child.”

“Admit it. You want teaching to be easier.

Yes, you like it. Perhaps you even love it. You just wish it would take less energy and time. 

You want to teach your kids; you just don’t want it to be all-consuming.

Good news! You don’t have to accept that exhaustion is an inevitable part of good homeschooling. One thing I discovered through nine years of being a home teacher is that there are many science-backed strategies to make your homeschooling journey easier.”