The Benefits of Learning Music Virtually

The Benefits of Learning Music Virtually

Inside: guest author Nicole McCray tells us of many benefits of learning music virtually.

Many schools are planning to air on the side of caution due to COVID-19 this fall, and they are doing so by way of virtual education. Even for those that are doing in-person classes with social distancing guidelines in place, music class will likely become practically non-existent. Singing and blowing into instruments does not fall within the social distancing guidelines.  


This is a really hard blow for students who are creative and want nothing more than to continue their voice lessons or music learning. So the option to take virtual lessons is the only choice.


That said, learning music virtually can have many benefits. So even though it is the only alternative, it is also a good one. Students and parents alike can note the positives of enrolling in online lessons, many of which are listed below.

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Flexible Schedules / More Convenience

One of the best things about online lessons is that schedules are more flexible. This may not always be true, but when partaking in music lessons online from a school that has various teachers who specialize in virtual learning, students usually have more options on times to choose from. This also helps with things like commuting, driving to and from the lessons where you don’t have to account for that extra time. 


Online lessons provide many options for schedules and time, so students have the ability to take lessons at whatever time works best for them since there are no set standard business hours of operations. This is really helpful when parents are setting their child’s schedules, so that they can make the schedules work for them, instead of having to work around whatever set times are available. Especially now with the uncertainty of things, it is a lifesaver to know that they could find a lesson at any time of the day.


Self-Paced, Individualized Learning 

A great opportunity for students here is that they can learn at their own pace. Learning in a group setting for many instructors means that all of the students will learn the same thing at the same time. Sometimes there are students who understand and can move on, and others might need more time in one particular area. 


With lessons online, they are almost always one-on-one lessons. This means more individualized care and learning at the student’s pace. Students can spend more time working in their trouble areas where they need more focus, before moving onto the next task. When taking on a new instrument, sometimes things like music theory or a difficult piece can require more practice time, and online learning gives those students the opportunity to take that extra time without feeling like they are being left behind.


More Comfortable Learning At Home

Taking music lessons in an unfamiliar or new place can sometimes have a negative effect on the student. When students have the option to learn online, they learn from the comforts of their own home. They can even take their lessons in pajamas if they so desire since there is no haste in getting ready to park yourself in front of your computer or device to start. This creates a very safe environment, where the student is more relaxed, which is a great foundation for learning.


There are many benefits to learning music virtually! #music #kidslearnmusic #kidsmusicalinstruments #kidscreativity #kidsmusic

Less Expensive / Multiple Options For Teachers

In most cases, since in-person lessons became unavailable, many music instructors are currently offering their students discounted prices because they cannot offer the traditional in-house experience. So in addition to the better scheduling, parents can take comfort in knowing that learning from home doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


Enrolling in online lessons also offers a plethora of instructors to choose from. If there is not a great music school option in your area, your student can now receive lessons from anyone anywhere! By exploring virtual music lessons with professionally trained teachers, there are tons of opportunities for students to take music lessons from instructors that previously, due to distance, would have been unavailable. Going virtual, all options become available to students since there is no travel involved. You can even take your music or voice lessons from someone in another country!


Other Unique Learning Opportunities

Instructors are becoming more creative with their music curriculum, and it has led to there being more than just the “normal” music lessons available. Students have many opportunities to take music lessons online that involve things like workshops and masterclasses. They have the ability to scroll through all of what music instructors have to offer and pick what is more interesting for them, so they have a great willingness to learn. 


Students can learn more than one instrument, or take on both guitar and voice simultaneously. They can choose to learn about auditioning for bands, community theater, or even just be a part of a virtual concert or show. There are even opportunities to take music classes that are pre-recorded and have their own tests for certifications. The possibilities are endless!


Though taking music lessons virtually can require more motivation from a student at home, the benefits and rewards demonstrate that there are many positive outcomes to learning online. As students or parents that feel their children won’t benefit from online music education, there are many reasons listed above that prove that is not true.


Music instructors will take the extra time and help to guide and drive students towards success in their music. Do not hesitate to enroll in virtual music lessons if you want to continue your music education. Students will have more time to practice and fine-tune their skills, and as long as they continue to follow directions and are aided with self-motivation, the quality of music education received will be just as beneficial, if not more so, than in-person instruction. 

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