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Are you looking for fun activities to do with your children? 


You want to give your children the best childhood possible but there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything you need and want to do?


I believe you can nourish your children, stimulate their minds, and make happy memories by doing simple and fun activities together without spending all day planning and prepping.


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Hi, I’m Eva, a homeschooling mom of four, living in Chicago. 

At my first child’s nine-month check-up, a pediatrician gave me a lecture on the importance of giving my son a chance to cry alone in his crib. “Kids don’t mind crying,” he told me, “That’s what they are supposed to do—cry.”

“My kid minds,” I told him. “I’m pretty sure of that.”

I didn’t know much about child development beyond a couple of university classes, but I was sure I knew more about my child than this pediatrician ever could.

Since then, I’ve had ample opportunity to observe kids’ minds in action, and I’m awed time and again by their bubbly energy, inspired creativity, passionate curiosity, and eager determination to experiment with the world around them. I wanted to nurture those little minds in the best way possible and not by doing what doctors thought best, but by doing what felt right.


I spent the early days of motherhood trying to do every nurturing, educational, and memory-making activity I could think of. It was exhausting, and I never had time for myself.


During the last ten years, I’ve learned to optimize my efforts. In the process, I’ve developed a passion for fun family activities and all the things that go with them—planning, researching, inventing, having fun together, learning along with them, and making fantastic memories. I also have discovered that when I take time for fun with my children, parenting is much easier and less stressful, and life is more joyful.


I’ve enjoyed saving these favorite fun activities and pulling them out of a bag when needed. I’m happy to share them with you, so you too can connect with your children, make happy memories, stimulate their minds, and still have time for other things.

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 ➡ Imagine starting each morning eager for the day ahead because you have a game plan and know how to make each day with your kids special

 ➡ Imagine the confidence that comes from knowing you make the most of your time with your kids. 

 ➡ Imagine a life where bonding with your children is fun, and parenting is easier (Not “easy”! “Easier.” It’s not a miracle :). 



When you join the Kid Minds community, you will learn how to plan and do simple, fun activities with your children. 


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Warmly, Eva