Penny Lift Simple Science

Penny Lift Simple Science

Got some pennies and a few trucks?  
We got a fun science experiment that boys and girls of all ages will love. 
Easy Science at Home, use the weight of pennies to pull the car up the ramp



You will need

a long board (a closet shelf worked for us)
2 small yogurt containers or plastic cups
a piece of string
two toy cars of different sizes
lots of pennies
a hole puncher to make holes in containers
scissors to cut a string
paper and pen to record observations



What to do

1.  Poke two small holes near the top of yogurt container on opposite sides. Thread one end of the string through the holes and tie it. Tie the other end of the string to the toy car. Repeat with the second car.



Note:  We actually drilled holes in our cars because in my mind I saw lots of experiments that could be done with them this way. 



2. Build a ramp. Put a small pile of books on one end of the table. Rest one edge of the board on top.We used the second pile of books to prevent the board from sliding back.


3. Set the cars near the bottom of the ramp. Hang the yogurt containers just over the edge of the board.



4.  Drop pennies, one at a time, into the containers counting out loud. And record your observations. Note: In place of pennies you can also try stones, marbles or blocks. 



Some questions to get the discussion started

When does the car start to move?  
How many more pennies it takes to move it to the top of the ramp?
Does it take the same number of pennies to move both cars? 
What do you think is happening here? 


6.  Add one more book at a time to make the incline steeper. The steeper the incline, the more pennies you will need. It took us 41 pennies to move truck up the ramp made of 6 books. Questions to ask:
We just added another book how many pennies does it take to move the car now?  
More pennies or fewer than before?  
How changing the number of books changes the incline?

This is what we used to record our observations.



The steps outlined above is what we did to get the exploration started. After that, I left kids to their own devices and they came up with many inventive ways to play with the ramp: varying vehicles, books, inclines, objects to move up and down the ramp. When I wanted to put it away at the end of the day, they implored me to leave it as there were other things they wanted to try the next day.






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