One secret every mom should know about getting in shape

One secret every mom should know about getting in shape

Inside: Want a simple tool to get in shape and stay in shape when you’re a busy mom? I’m sharing one secret that will help you to do just that.

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I carefully lace up the new running sneakers for my first post-baby #4 run. My baby is not a baby anymore, and I’d run out of excuses for not getting back into a regular running routine. The old “I just had a baby” rationalization doesn’t fly when your “baby” is old enough to gather the loose skin on your tummy in a fist and say innocently, “Mommy is chubby.”

Now I strap her into a jogging stroller, do a quick warm up before she eats her crackers and go.

It’s a beautiful day.

I’m pumped for action.

It’s going to be a great run!

Except that it’s not.

Want a simple tool to get in shape and stay in shape when you’re a busy mom? I'm sharing one secret that every mom should know about that will help you to do just that. #mom #parenting #fitmom #fitnessformoms #aaptive #fitmomlife @aaptive #app
Yes, it’s me

I can’t seem to lift my feet off the ground. I’m out of breath before I even reach the end of the block. And what happened to gravity today? It seems to be stronger than usual.

Can you relate?

You might be trying to get in shape after your first child or fourth. You might be trying to get back to running after you had a baby (five years ago) or get rid of a muffin top. You might have the last ten pounds to lose, or the first twenty. Maybe you never have liked to exercise, or maybe like me, you jumped back into yoga the moment the baby was born.

The specifics don’t matter.

In every situation, your inability to get in great shape is like an itch that returns again and again demanding to be scratched.

Here’s the truth

I was always overly skeptical about fitness tools. I’ve been fine without them for forty years. Want to lose weight, Eva? Just put on your sneakers, and start running.


Who needs a gym membership, cute workout clothes, fitness apps, heart rate monitor, and a fitness watch?

Just get out a yoga mat and start doing crunches. Or lunges. Or push ups.

I’ve heard about fitness apps but have scoffed in disgust. Isn’t a fitness app a glorified YouTube? Why would I pay for a fitness app when I can use YouTube for free?

And then I got an email from Audible, an Amazon audio program, with an offer to try an Aaptiv 30-day Walk to Run program for free. I did want to get from walking to running; so it seemed that the universe was sending me exactly what I needed. Plus, with it being free, I had nothing to lose by giving it a try.

I know now you expect me to say this program helped me to run like my feet are on fire, that I lost the last ten pounds, and that I can fit into my high school clothes.

Well, I AM going to say it because it’s all true.

I also have more energy. I sleep better. I have more confidence. And my mood is (almost) always cheerful (it’s not magic).

This is what I learned: sometimes the right tools at the right time is exactly what you need to get from point A to point B.

The first thing I did after I finished the free trial of Walk to Run is buy an Aaptiv app.

There is a reason Aaptiv is the number 1 audio fitness app in the App Store and has over 200,000 paying subscribers. You know what it is? It delivers results.  

Want a simple tool to get in shape and stay in shape when you’re a busy mom? I'm sharing one secret that every mom should know about that will help you to do just that. #mom #parenting #fitmom #fitnessformoms #aaptive #fitmomlife @aaptive #app
I workout without leaving the house or ignoring my kids.

Here are ten reasons Aaptive worked for me and might work for you too.

Ten Reasons Aaptive is Awesome

It can help with specific goals

You pick your goal, say, you want to get stronger, and then choose from a variety of programs. Then, all you have to do is push a button on your phone once a day and do a fun 10-30 minutes workout that consists of cardio, strength, and perhaps even some stretching (depending on the program).

Don’t even know where to start? Check out is a fabulous 10 Day Healthy Start Program that will help you kick start your journey with the dynamic combo of walking, no equipment strength training (about 14-minutes a day), stretching, and even sleep meditation (because a good night sleep is an important part of being fit).

Is your goal to lose weight, reduce stress, improve flexibility, learn to meditate, do pilates, run, or run faster? One of the best aspects of this app is that no matter what your goals are Aaptiv has got you covered with a personalized action plan.

Want a simple tool to get in shape and stay in shape when you’re a busy mom? I'm sharing one secret that every mom should know about that will help you to do just that. #mom #parenting #fitmom #fitnessformoms #aaptive #fitmomlife @aaptive #app
In November 2018 my goal was to able to do splits. Try Aaptive’s Journey to Splits yoga routine and see what happens.

Takes the boredom out of working out

With Aaptiv, you get access to thousands of workouts, and 30+ new workouts are added each week. Seven-minute butt, fifteen-minute yoga, low impact, high intensity, full body, specific body parts, split interval, inside your home, outside, long, short, beginner, advanced, anything you want.

You can browse by workout type (core, Pilates, yoga, outdoor running, etc.), by type of music (classic rock, pop, chill, etc.), by trainer (I have quite a few favorite ones), and by difficulty (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Or you can choose to get inspired by popular programs (i.e., Abs and Booty) and challenges (i.e., 10 Day Strength Reboot or Seven Days of Walks).

Some days I seem to lack energy or time to work out, but I always find something to pique my curiosity and make me eager to push the “Start Workout” button. On other days, I type in exactly what I want, such as “killer legs” or “quick abs” and go for it!

Want a simple tool to get in shape and stay in shape when you’re a busy mom? I'm sharing one secret that every mom should know about that will help you to do just that. #mom #parenting #fitmom #fitnessformoms #aaptive #fitmomlife @aaptive #app
I can workout in my backyard

You get your personal cheerleader

Do you want someone to cheer you on, throw motivational quotes at you to keep you going, and tell you “good job” at the end of a challenging workout? You get that with Aaptive.

Plus, Aaptiv coaches do not get upset if you cancel your workout plans at the last moment, don’t show up, interrupt the exercise every two minutes (because KIDS!), or quit without a goodbye (yep, your kids need you).

Once you try working out with different coaches, you will find the ones that most resonate with you, the ones that always seem to say just the right thing at just the right moment. The coaches that keep you going long after you would normally quit. I have 4 or 5 I love so much that I’ve done almost every single workout with them.

Music that Lifts the Soul

Every workout comes with a perfect hand-picked playlist that matches the vibe and pace of each move and dramatically improves your motivational state.

Aaptiv helped me discover music I love. And the amazing thing about music is not just that it can make you feel joyful, it can actually help you workout. Science says using music during exercise helps us get in the zone, increases the production of dopamine, gives us more energy, makes you workout harder, and even increases focus.

Aaptive has pop, electronic, hip hop, rock, indie, chill, R&B/Soul, Country, Funk/Disco, Hard Rock, Reggae, Latin, etc. You can choose you workout by a music genre, or get adventurous and see what your trainer picked for you. Maybe like me, you will discover some wonderful new songs to add to your list.

My bar workout


I don’t have time to go to the gym even if I wanted to pay for membership and childcare (which I don’t). But even on the most packed day, I can drop on the floor in the middle of our kitchen for Mama Needs a Break, a short but invigorating yoga routine with my favorite coach Nicole.

I can also put my two youngest kids into a stroller while two older kids are at a swimming class and turn a simple walk into a mood-boosting workout.


With Aaptiv I can work out in my pajamas (Pillow Talk workout is done in bed), while cooking dinner (type in “standing legs” and pick from multiple options), or on the go (when I have thirty-minutes and a child in a stroller). It’s okay if my kids don’t cooperate and I have to cut my workout short. In fact, most of my working out happens in 5, 10, or 15 minute increments. At the end of the day, it all adds up.

All Audio

You are probably thinking how is this a positive? Do you think you need to see exactly what the instructor is doing? That’s what I thought too. In reality, I would watch the screen and think I got the right form, but not really. Plus, I would forget to focus on the effort carried away by the instructor’s cute leggings (what brand is it?).

Aaptive coaches guide you with expertly articulated instructions, so you will learn how each pose should feel in your body. But if you are not convinced, don’t worry, most routines come with a library of pics that point out the correct posture and what you need to focus on in each pose. Plus, Aaptive has a growing library of video workouts.

I found that during video programs, my mind easily travelled to far away places (beach) or my grocery list (life) while I mindlessly did the repetitions. With audio, you have to turn your mind off everything but the instructor’s voice. If you don’t, you miss the cue and don’t know what to do next. Aaptiv instructions are always very clear, but you have to pay attention.

It Helps you Conquer the Tired

When you are a mom of small children, you are always tired. Sometimes I turn on a quick meditation workout and discover that I’ve been literally clenching my teeth and holding my breath. No wonder my breath couldn’t energize me. A few deep breaths is all I need to turn the day around and feel a renewed sense of energy.

On other days, I go for a quick walk, tiredly pushing the stroller and listening to one of Aaptiv’s running workouts in my headphones (because the MUSIC is so uplifting). Before I know it, I’m running. And when I get back all sweaty with a huge grin on my face, I can’t believe how much more energy I suddenly have to tackle my to-do list.


You know all of those times when you pick up the phone for no reason? It’s sort of a time-filler when you have ten things to do and can’t decide what to do first? (You know what I’m talking about if you check for new messages even if you don’t expect anything).

Aaptive app is right there on the top, and the moment you see it, you will think of all the fabulous workouts waiting for you and feel a prickle of excitement. Or, depending on your personality, you might think, “I paid for it, so I will use it.”


I left this part for last, but it’s my #1 reason for loving Aaptiv. It offers an escape. Whether I do a yoga workout or abs training, I go all in. When I finish the workout, it’s like I just got back from a vacation. Total Zen.

As you probably have noticed, I’m very enthusiastic about Aaptiv, and it has become part of my daily life. There is nothing surprising about that: positive emotions feel good. I am also stronger and healthier, and gravity doesn’t bother me anymore. My feet now fly when I run.

The beauty of Aaptiv is that you can start where you are now and work out on a schedule that fits your lifestyle. You can stay motivated with a variety of workouts, great music, and awesome coaching. Before you know it, you’ll fit into your favorite skinny jeans (or the little black dress, or whatever is your inspiration).

If you are like me and you need to work out around your kids’ schedule, give Aaptiv FREE trial a chance. It will help you stop dreaming of the day you’ll have more time, energy, and money for a fitness coach, and instead help you to do something today for your health and happiness!

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