This powerful mind-shift will make you a better parent

Inside: If you’ve been wondering how to reinforce certain behaviors in your kids (i.e. putting the toys away, doing the dishes, …) without nagging and coming off as a bad guy, here is a powerful mind shift that will take you there. It will make you a better parent.  The “bra-ta-tat, bra-ta-tat” sound of a …

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The Alchemy of Learning: Five Secret Ingredients and Five Things to Stop Doing Today to Unleash True Learning

Nothing has been taught unless it has been learned.   Real learning is a transformative process. It’s a magic combination of motivation, inspiration, understanding, and assimilating. I link it to alchemy, the medieval forerunner of chemistry based on the idea of transformation,  change so dramatic that the final product is something entirely different from the …


Which Alligator is the Closest (a Technique for Busy Moms)

In the last five minutes, my kids have made their way from the back door to the bathroom and back again leaving fat muddy imprints of their bare feet all over the floor. Twice!     The baby is eating lunch.  Her idea of eating is to grab food in her chubby fist and smear it …

how to be a more peaceful mom #mindtools #mindful

7 ways to be a more peaceful mom

Do you ever feel like your mind is speeding at one hundred twenty miles per hour, and you are in the back seat, with your eyes closed, waiting for a crash?    Did I pay the bills?  Johnny needs more math practice.  I can’t believe the zipper on my new skirt broke.  Where is Annie’s …


Six Simple Tools Your Kids Need to Look Out For Themselves

My most memorable experience with fire happened when I was nine  On my birthday, which was less than a week before the first day of school, I got a bright blue wrist watch, a shiny key on a shoestring around my neck and instructions to get home after school and stay there until my parents …


How to be a more Patient Parent – the one simple trick you need in your life

Can you be more patient?   Can you be more patient when your two-year old throws himself on the supermarket floor with bloodcurdling screams for seemingly no reason?     Can you be more patient when you try to put together a nutritious dinner while kids are bickering or demanding your attention every two seconds and the baby …