Goat Activity Sensory Play

Goat Activity Sensory Play

To be honest I haven’t thought much about goats until I got an invitation, along with some other kid bloggers, to participate in International Goat Day Blog Hop.  Once we started researching goats with my kids, however, we came up with enough ideas to last us a week.  First we checked out every goat book at our library and put together a list of our favorite Goat Books.  Second, we explored tasting and cooking with goat milk, goat milk yogurt and goat kefir. Goat pancakes were particularly tasty!  But Goat Bread and Goat Milk Rice Pudding were also eaten with hoooray!   Third, we watched some youtube videos about wild goats and farm goats.  Fourth, I created some fun goat facts cards that you can print for free here that we used to play a dice game.  Finally, we created two hands-on goat habitat for hours of sensory fun.    


Goat Activity Sensory Play collage


The International Goat Day is not till June 20th, but we got so excited about goats that we couldn’t wait and we spent this past week exploring these wonderful animals.  We learned that goats are intelligent and curious.  They make great pets, but you can rest assured we are not getting a pet goat any time soon. Goats are not only one of the first animals to be domesticated by humans, goat meat remains the most consumed meat per capita worldwide and it’s the fastest growing livestock animal in the US today.  And their incredible feats of agility would take your breath away.  After watching this video we couldn’t stop talking about it for days.  

As always we like to add sensory element to all our learning adventures.  For this goat activity, we found all our goats and put together a habitat for them.  Hope you enjoy this goat activity and scroll down to check out what other bloggers are doing to celebrate the International Goat Day.  


Wild Goat Activity Sensory Play

In this activity children explore and interact with materials in open-ended play. 

Supplies needed

Sand (or homemade sand)



Grass, leaves, etc.


We decided to keep this activity outside, so we used regular sand, but if you want to use it inside just make homemade sand, which is much easier to clean.  I usually make homemade sand by mixing together 6 cups of all-purpose flour with 1 cup vegetable oil.  I like sand of every kind because it creates many opportunities for imaginative exploration.  For most kids sand provides a soothing sensory experience.


Fill the tray with sand.  Add rocks.


Goat Activity Sensory Play


Add a goat.  


Goat Activity Sensory PLAY 4

My kids spent hours making up goat adventure stories.  If kids seem to be losing interest, I always try to extend the play by asking questions, “Is there another way to pile the rocks?” “What else can the goat do in this habitat?”  “What would happen, if you add some trees to the scene?”  We ended up trimming some apple branches and experimenting with using rocks to keep them in place. 


Goat Activity Sensory Play 2

Sometimes poor goat suffered a series of unfortunate events that led to his demise.  


Goat activity Sensory Play 3

But fortunately in play everything is reversible.  


Farm Goat Activity Sensory Play

I love combining LEGOs with natural materials.


Farm Goat Habitat

Green Legos

Farm set


We took a tray outside and used green LEGOs to make a border.  Then we trimmed some grass with scissors and added it to the middle of the tray.


Goat Activity Sensory Play 6


 Add LEGO tractor and goats and you are all set. 


Goat Activity Sensory Play 5

My kids are very good at coming up with ideas for free play, but if they ever run out of ideas I give them prompts to start a new story. Here I prompted them with, “on a beautiful summer day, the farmer realized that he forgot to buy lollipops and underpants at Target, so he left his goat in charge of the farm and rushed away on his mountain bike.”   What followed was a series of naughty troublemaking schemes on the behalf of baby goats, who took the absence of the farmer as an opportunity to get the big goat in trouble.  


Goat activity Sensory play 7

Yes, naughty goats even tried to drive the farmer’s jeep.  If you feel that the kids are getting bored with the setup, just add water.  


Goat Activity Sensory Play 8

Water adds a whole new sensory dimension and sparks even more imaginative play.  In our story the deluge of rain swept through the farm and washed out the LEGOs, but naughty goats manage to put the farm back in order before the farmer’s return.  



Don’t forget to print 20 Goat Fun Facts Cards.  The cards cover goat history, goat math, goat biology, goat behavior, folklore, mythology and include some fun True/False questions.  You can cut the cards into squares and play games with them.  We are working on odd and even numbers this week, so I came up with a simple dice game.  We placed the cards face down and threw one and later two dice.  If the number was “even” we flipped one card over and worked through it,  if it was “odd” we skipped/jumped/roared the number rolled.   


I hope you will have some goat-themed fun on International Goat Day!  



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