Creative T-shirts for Kids (Faceshirts Giveaway)

Creative T-shirts for Kids (Faceshirts Giveaway)

It’s hard to overstate the importance of fostering creativity in children.  Creativity is important in nearly everything we do.  And I’m convinced this world will belong to creative thinkers with out-of-the box ideas.  However, research shows again and again that creativity in on the decline, especially in kindergarten through third grade.  Parents like the idea of making their kids more creative, but at the end of the day when dinner has to be made and homework has to be overseen, it’s hard to worry about nurturing creativity.  If you want a simple solution to this problem, give your kids a Faceshirt!  


Creative T-shirts for Kids.  With Faceshirts kids can celebrate their own style and creativity.  And they will spend countless hours creating new ideas to display in their pix-pockets.


Faceshirts are colorful, quality-made T-shirts that feature pix-pockets that let children wear their favorite photos, drawings and pieces of art and change them whenever they want.  They are fun for creative expression and experimentation.  


When I first looked at this product I had no idea that it’s going to turn into a full blown creativity fest.  I expected it to be simply a nice shirt for my pet obsessed daughter.  I knew she would be very excited to snap a few photos of our animals, print them at Walgreens and wear them on her shirt, but we discovered that pix-pockets on Faceshirts are great for many things.  


A few ways to be creative with Face Shirts

  1. Decoupage.  Cut out of paper shapes of favorite animals or Star War characters (there are plenty of free templates available on internet), then attach the shapes to a beautiful background with glue.  Voila, a beautiful, one-of-a kind piece of art that would sparkle a lot of conversations (especially with kindly old ladies in a grocery store).   
  2. Draw.  Encourage kids to draw something new and exciting.  Dinosaur in their music class?  Monkey in the passenger seat of your car?  There are many different mediums that can be used for drawing.  Our favorite one is Pentil pencils because they allow for both softer and bolder strokes.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about marker leaks.  While you are drawing, don’t forget to draw your best friends, your pets or your parents.  The more drawings you create, the more options you will have to choose from when you decide what to put inside pix-pockets.  
  3. Photograph.  We love to take pictures of family members, pets, sunsets, LEGO creations and flowers.  Let the kids snap creative photos with your phone, then order them online or take it to Walgreens.  They would have to be cut to the desired size.  Our T-shirts had a 3×4 pix-pockets.  


face shirt 2el

Cut the photo to the desired size.  I just use the promo pic as a guide for a quick cutting job.  


face shirt 3el

Insert the pic into a pix-pocket.


face shirt 7el



In case you are wondering, how long is that pocket going to last, if my kids are moving pictures in and out all day, I am happy to tell you that the pocket has a reinforced trim for extra durability.  In addition, the shirts are easy to wash.  We have washed our shirts in a washing machine on “cold” a couple of times, and dried them on “normal” and they look just like the day we first received them. Just follow care and tips instructions on the main website.  


The shirts come in different designs.  You can find anything from Best Friend Photo shirt to simply I Love Sharing My Photos and everything in between.  When you buy a pet faceshirt, you help support shelter animals.  The portion of the proceeds goes to reputable shelters nationwide.  


There is a wide selection of colors and a helpful size chart will guide you to make the best selection.


face shirt 10el

My son painted the background with tempera paints and then glued on the template of BB8.   This was his “pet” for a day! 


Final Thoughts

Researchers tell us that children today on average are less imaginative and less able to come up with unusual and unique ideas.  Let’s counteract that trend by giving kids opportunity to be creative in simple ways every day.  With Faceshirts kids can celebrate their own style and creativity.  And they will spend countless hours creating new ideas to display in their pix-pockets.  Stock up for Fall now or next time someone asks for gift suggestions for your kids, let them know about Faceshirts.


Where to buy Faceshirts  Keep an eye out on their blog for sales and special promotions.


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I have two T-shirts to share with my readers.  

One is a Pet Fan Faceshirt in Mint Green, X-large youth.  It’s recommended for 11-13 year old boys, 34″-36″ chest (might fit an adult too).  The second shirt IS My Pet is Soooo Photogenic in Maroon. It’s recommended for 5-7 year olds, 24″-26″ chest. 


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I will email the winner August 20th!


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions I expressed are my own or those of my family.  I’m disclosing this in accordance with FTC regulations.  This post contains affiliate link.  For more information read my full disclosure policy.   

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