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Yes, you can retain a sense of zen despite having little children running around your home.  Most of the time anyway!  Hi, I’m Eva, creator and owner of Kid Minds.  I have four little children, including a newborn, and if I can retain my peace of mind amid the chaos of homeschooling my large family, you can too.  On Kid Minds I share my experience, expertise and practical ideas for more mindful, less stressful parenting.  I also write about learning and kid activities that are suitable not only for families who homeschool, but all families who are looking for fun ideas to do after school, at weekends, and during the holidays to foster a deeper, more meaningful relationship with their kids.



Posts you can expect to find on Kid Minds


How the mind works and why understanding the workings of the mind can help you better understand yourself and your kids, and lead to better and more meaningful relationships.  This is my favorite topic to write about, and most difficult to make time for, because it requires actually sitting down and concentrating.  Not an easy task since most of my writing is happening standing in the middle of the kitchen with my laptop on the kitchen counter while all the kids run around being well… kids.



We homeschool for many different reasons.  Close to the top of the list is our desire to raise independent thinkers, who are curious, self-motivated and mindful.  We wanted our children to have plenty of time to ask questions and engage in hands-on learning, to observe the world and comment, to discover and pursue their passions, and to learn at their own pace.  And all of that just didn’t seem compatible with being in a school 8-hours a day.  As a mom I think of homeschooling as my opportunity to build strong family bonds and to nurture my children’s natural desire to learn.  Our homeschooling reflects this philosophy and we tend to utilize many different methods depending on what works best at different stages and for different kids.  We like to come up with unique STEAM projects, homemade math games and read a crazy amount of books.  Here you will find Waldorf inspired education ideas, Montessori, unit studies, literature units, and a bit of Classical education.



I am passionate about creating a healthy life for my family.  A healthy mind and spirit start with healthy body.  I love real food, natural living, homemade products, yoga and living in a non-toxic home.  I derive my inspiration from being raised by a grandma who never stopped moving, made everything from scratch and is the longest living member of my family.  I believe that living greener doesn’t need to be frustrating.  It can involve simple steps that you can take today to yield significant results over time.



As a homeschooling mom I test and try many curriculums and products that inspire creative learning.  From time to time I come across resources that are simply too good not to share with my readers.


I hope that on Kid Minds you will find inspiration and ideas to help your family find a deeper connection, a healthier lifestyle, and a love of learning.  You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.


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