10 Fun Activities and Crafts for Kids

10 Fun Activities and Crafts for Kids

Inside: In this guest post, Rachel Burns shows how you can keep your kids happy and entertained with a few fun activities and crafts.

Even though the coronavirus pandemic forced parents to be at home with kids for extended period of time, this shouldn’t be a time to despair. There are many fun crafts for kids to do at home, and they are a lot easier than you think. All you have to do is grab paint, glitter, glue, and crayons then let their creativity shine.

You’ll, however, need to give them some spark of inspiration to get their ideas flowing.

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Nature Art

You can easily create the artwork using flowers, feathers, twigs, leaves, or anything else you can find. Be sure to frame it with sticks.

21 Easy Nature Crafts for Kids // Look! We are Learning! 

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Toilet Roll Animals

Make good use of paper towel and toilet paper rolls because they can offer lots of inspiration. To get started on this craft for kids, you need to have hot glue, googly eyes, paint, and scissors. There are a lot of cute animals your kids can try to craft on their own.

Once you have the right shape of the animal, you can use paint to give it a great finish, and googly eye for better detail.

Toilet Paper Roll Animal Crafts // Red Ted Art

10 Adorable Zoo Animal Toilet Paper Roll Crafts // Sunshine Whispers

Rock Monsters 

Did you find some rocks on your walk? You can use them to make fun rock monsters. Just add glue, paint, markers, pom poms, yarn, and googly eyes. 

Rock Monsters // Super Simple 

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Clay Leaf Tiles

Leaf tiles are fun for kids. Press leaf in clay, peel it off, and admire the details preserved in the clay. You can use this activity to learn about plants and trees. 

Homemade Clay Recipes // Family Education

Clay Imprints with Plants and Flowers // My Bright Ideas 

keep your kids happy and entertained with a few fun activities and crafts #handsonlearning #craftykids #artsandcrafts #kidminds #laughingkidslearn #kidsactivities

Play Dough 

Whether you choose to play dough at home or purchase it from a nearby store, your kids will enjoy shaping dough and clay. They can easily model them into crafts such as pizzas, fruits, flowers, blobs, or anything else. 

Playdough and clay may be messy and challenging to clean up, so before they begin, cover the play space with an old sheet or a shower curtain.Homemade dough is a lot easier to clean up than the ones purchased from the store. You can also try Model Magic, a modeling clay that doesn’t stick to anything. 

12 Simple Playdough Activities // Mama OT

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Journey Stick

A journey stick is a great activity to do on a hike. When you attach the objects you find on your hike in order from top to bottom of the stick, you’ll have created a map of your journey.

Your children can create beautiful craft by using double-sided tape, colorful wool strings, or rubber bands. They can use natural materials such as petals, sand, and dirt, flowers, leaves, and feathers.

How to Make a Journey Stick // Childhood by Nature

Journey Sticks and the Art of Storytelling // Run Wild My Child

Bead Jewelry

Regardless of age or gender, this is one of the cool crafts every kid will love. If you give your child pipe cleaners or yarn and a container of beads, it won’t be long before they begin stringing.

When making bead jewelry, make sure that you have a variety of beads.  Fill the beads in a lidded container that you can find in your nearest dollar store or craft store.

Beaded Friendship Bracelets for Kids // Projects with Kids

Simple Bead and Pipe Cleaner Project for Kids // A Mummy Too

Hand Puppets

While you may think hand puppets aren’t the ideal crafts for kids, you’ll be surprised how much the older kids will love them. Making puppets is straightforward; all you need is glue, googly eyes, and scissors. There are many kits you can use to make crafting puppets easy.

Alternatively, you can gather supplies on your own then let your kid use old socks.

28 Kid’s Puppets You can Make // Crafts by Amanda

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Avocado Boat Craft

After peeling the avocado, you can turn the left-over skin into a boat. This is a fun craft for kids who love water play. They are excellent for imaginative play, especially where figures such as Sylvania and Playmobil can float around the wading bath or pool.

Avocado Boat Craft // Kids Craft Room

Rain Stick

A pipe cleaner, dry rice, masking tape, tin foil, crayons, and paper towel tubes are all you need to make rain sticks.

Your kid can begin by decorating the paper towel tube. The next step in making this craft for kids is to fasten the tinfoil to the end of your masking tape. You should then coil the pipe cleaner so that it fits into the paper towel tube together with the dry rice.

Lastly, make sure that you secure the other end of the paper towel tube with tape and tinfoil. That’s it! Your rain stick can now begin making soothing rain sounds.

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Let Your Kids Explore Their Creativity!

Crafts for kids are among the best ways for kids to explore their creativity and imagination. The few ideas highlighted in this guide should act as the first step. 

Are your kids crafty? What are some of the crafts and activities they love to do in their spare time? Share your thoughts, insights, and suggestions of the best crafts for kids on the comment section below.

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