Ten Uses for Dollar Store Flat Marbles

Ten Uses for Dollar Store Flat Marbles

Dollar Stores are great places to discover unexpected items that become my kids favorite toys.  Last year I bought a bag of flat marbles for $2.99 and they’ve been getting a great amount of use.  From budget math manipulatives, to fine motor play, from art tool, to game pieces, I want to share with you some ideas that keep my kids happy.  


1. Russian roulette – Marble Edition

Ten Uses for Dollar Store Flat Marbles - Russian Roulette Marble Edition

This famous Russian drinking game is a test of bravery and stupidity courage.  In our version there are no weapons, just a can, wet paper towel and a bag of marbles.  Be prepared for lots of excitement.   

  1. Find a can.  I like Quaker Oats containers.  We decorated ours.  
  2. Get a paper towel wet.  All paper towels are different.  I put ours under the running water and squeezed the excess water out.  If you get one of those double-ply kinds, I separate them and use only single layer.  
  3. Tape the paper towel to the can or hold it in place with rubber band.
  4. Take turns putting marbles in the middle of the towel.


The suspense: how many marbles can you put on the towel before it will break.


Agree in advance what is the fate that beholds the one that loses at this game of chance.  In my house, the loser might stand on his head or sing a song.  Older kids might have to do a couple of unpleasant chore.  My kids like to tell me, Mommy, if you lose, you will have to bake a cake….  Let’s just say, it’s a sweet way to lose.


2. One-to-one counting with marbles

Ten Uses for Dollar Store Flat Marbles - one-to-one correspondence / budget math manipulative It just looks like he is playing, but in fact he is practicing one-to-one counting, hand-eye coordination, focus/concentration, and more.  I found with all my kids that it’s only necessary to do this activity together once or twice before it becomes a great independent activity they can do, while I am cooking dinner.  


Objective: Count out marbles that match the number of dots on the card.

Print out the cards



Point to #1 and ask what number it is.  If they don’t know it yet, say “one” and put your finger on a black dot.  Then take one marble out and place it on the dot.  “One.”  

Repeat the same sequence with all the numbers.  


3. Marble Push

Ten Uses for Dollar Store Flat Marbles - Marble Push

You can work on developing crucial fine motor skills with just an empty can and some marbles.  We decorated the empty Rolled Oats container in a Russian fairy tale style and made a slit at the top to push the marbles through.  My preschooler had so much fun with it,and my older kids couldn’t wait for him to be done so that they could have a turn (or ten) too.  It’s amazing how much fun kids can have with this simple activity and if they are developing fine motor skills and concentration at the time same time all the better.


4. Jello & Beads

Ten Uses for Dollar Store Flat Marbles - Jello and Flat Marbles excavation site

My kids love playing with jello (but not eating it).  We make it often and especially for holidays.  You can say that red jello for Valentine’s Day and green jello for St. Patrick’s Day is a family tradition.  It’s even more fun for my kids when they can look for something in it.  To hide a surprise just follow the directions for making jello, then before putting it in the fridge add plastic snakes (swamp), gold coins (St. Patrick’s Day), or anything else.  Touching and squeezing jello-covered flat marble beads offer a new level of tactile excitement.


5. Marble Art – Mixed Media Collage


Ten Uses for Dollar Store Flat Marbles - Mixed Media Collage with beads and marbles

If you are looking for inspiration to create some mixed media art, flat beads are your friends.  This particular piece of work on a photo was done by my oldest son at one of his art classes.  They started with tempera paints and glued on beads and marbles of various sizes.  We have since incorporated flat marbles in many other ways like decorating papier-mache bowls and magic wands.   


6. Scooping and Transferring

Ten uses for Dollar Store Flat Marbles - Scoop and Transfer fun activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers

The easiest activity in the world, but so beneficial.  You wouldn’t think twice about grasping a spoon and using it to transfer marbles from point A to point B.  Easy, peasy…  for you, but not so much for kids who are still working on strength, focus and coordination. So, grab some bowls, cups, scoops and spoons and ask your little one to use a scoop and transfer the marbles.  You might have to demonstrate the activity, if this is their first time.


7. Sorting and Pouring

Ten Uses for Dollar Store Flat Marbles - Sort and PourIf you have flat marbles in different colors you can easily set up a wonderful sorting activity.  Mix all the colors together and ask your child to sort them into muffin cups.  I’m a big fan of extension activities.  Once the sorting is done, I bring a beaker of water to “water” the beads.  And once watering is done, out comes the sieve and a spoon.  Now the task is to scoop the marbles out, so they can dry for the next activity. All together this activity can easily take the best part of an hour.  A definite win in my books.


8. Painting with Marbles

This is something we just discovered recently.  Paints, water and marbles create wonderful and exciting art.   Read the full instruction here


Ten Uses for Dollar Store Flat Marbles - Surprising Art with Flat Marbles, paint and water


9. Super Truck Marble Rescue

Ten uses for Dollar Store Flat Marbles - super truck marble rescue (counting to 100)If you have a little boy or daughter that enjoys playing with tracks, flat marbles are gold.  Round marbles slip, bounce, and roll all over the place.  Flat marbles stay put.  Set up a diamond excavation site on one site of the room, have the diamond counting station on the other site.  Have your little truck lovers move the marbles from one place to another.  Little ones can pretend that they are excavating diamonds, or that each marble is an animal they need to rescue from a polluted site.  If they have a little trouble starting, prompt them with a short story.  One of our favorites, “Once upon a time there was a big yellow truck who was an enchanted prince turned into a shape of a truck by a wicked troll, who promised to turn him back into a prince once he delivers 100 marbles diamonds…”  Set up a counting station.  Older kids would enjoy helping younger ones to count the marbles… Who doesn’t want to help a hapless prince…  


10. Toilet Roll Marble Run

Ten Uses for Dollar Store Flat Marbles - Marble RunIf you have some leftover wrapping paper, use it to cover toilet rolls to make it extra festive.  But if you only have a few minutes to set up an activity that can keep your kids occupied for a while, just attach toilet rolls to the wall with masking tape and give them some marbles.  Older kids can build their own configuration.  Once the kids have been at it for a while and begin looking less interested, add a bowl of water.  When marbles land in a bowl with a huge splash, it will add another level of excitement. 


Ten Uses for Dollar Store Flat Marbles

There you have it!  Ten fun Learning Activities with dollar store flat marbles that are perfect for any season.  Do you have a flat marble activity that is not included here?  I would love to hear from you! 



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  2. Ahhhh! Painting with marbles! That was such a fun activiity!! <3

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