Ten Commandments of a Ferocious Reader

Ten Commandments of a Ferocious Reader

Every Monday I head over to maryanderingcreatively.com for Literacy Musing Mondays.  It’s a great place for book lovers.  If you like to read, you will discover something new and exciting to add to your reading list.  And if you have a blog, it’s a place to link up your book reviews and book lists. Today something exciting is happening over at Literacy Musing Mondays.  Exciting for me!  I’m a guest writer!  And you know what else is exciting?  Scroll down to the end of this post and you will find the Literacy Musing Mondays LIVE!  You can click on the posts to explore.  Or link up your own.  Make sure to check it out!

10 Commandments of a Ferocious Reader
by Eva

I was destined for a life of ferocious reading from an early
age.  According to my grandmother, at my
first birthday lineup, I picked a book over a bottle of wine, pack of
cigarettes, deck of cards, yellow ducky, and microscope (my mom was biology
major).  I don’t know, if my grandma would
have cheerfully acknowledged my selection of a wine bottle.  I’m sorry to break it to you kid, but you are
destined to the life of alcoholism because even as a baby you were attracted to
a bottle.

By the time I turned 8, I was in the habit of walking home
from school reading a book (I certainly needed some entertainment on a few
miles walk with nothing but grey apartment buildings on both sides of the road).  I walked three quarters of the way across an
intersection with my eyes inside a book when I heard screeching of tires and a
rush of air.  Lifting my head I saw a
bumper of a green Zhiguli that stopped an inch from me.  My further reading adventures were never as
By the time I was 16, I was studiously working toward my
goal of reading every book in the world. 
One day our class teacher asked me to stay after school so that she could
have a deep one-on-one with me about drugs. 
Drugs? I repeated incredulously. 
I didn’t have time for drugs.  Did
she see how many books were in our school library?  No, my red eyes, shaking hands, and inability
to stay awake during classes were caused by reading till four in the
morning.  But pssh… don’t tell my parents
or they will make good on the promise to get my room rid of all the books.
Over a decade later I was spending sleepless nights trying
to get my little ones to sleep.  As a new
mom I was not wondering, if I would ever sleep again.  I was more worried, if I would ever read
again.  Without interruptions.  It has been suggested that babies wake up at
night because they are hungry, wet or lonely. 
Don’t you believe any of it!   A
newborn wakes up for one reason only.  
To keep his mother from reading.  I
came up with Ten Commandments as a way to entertain myself, rocking in a
squeaky reading chair unexpectedly with no book in hands, but a baby. 

As I get close to 40 I know I won’t read every book in the
world.  (How would I read books in Farsi
that would never be translated in any of the languages I know?)  I made peace with the fact that for the
foreseeable future I will not read to pass the time for the time is not my own,
but belongs to my little children. 
Reading now has a ring of urgency to it and protecting reading time
requires a dash of ferociousness.  But I
will keep reading to quench my thirst for wisdom, to exercise my brain and to
enter new worlds.  I will read to
understand myself better, to meet new people, and to travel to places beyond my
reach.  I will read to learn something
new, to pick the brains of the greatest minds, and to immerse myself in someone
else’s world.  I will follow Ten
Commandments and see where my reading adventure will take me.


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