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Do you want to make the most of your time with kids?

You love your children more than life.

You will do anything for them.

                         Except …  

          … play another boring board game that makes you fantasize about picking a fork and sticking it in your eyeball (I’m looking at you Chutes and Ladders)

      … do an art project that starts innocent enough but ends up causing fifteen new grey hairs and lots of mess.

      … break up a sibling fight that makes you regret motherhood (just for two minutes but it leaves you guilty for hours)

     … clean up another LEGO explosion (you would rather eat a slug).


By night, you worry that you don’t make enough happy memories with your children.

By day, you wonder how those adorable little kids manage to drive you crazier than you ever thought possible.

But have you heard the news?

There’s a better way.

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“This is so helpful. I think most parents could use more patience in their lives. Thank you for sharing these tips!” Kristi


Hi, I’m Eva, a homeschooling mom, living in Chicago. Giving birth to four children in eight years has taught me that my heart can burst with more love than I ever thought possible. I’ve also learned that my sanity can be tested in ways I had never imagined.

Being a good parent has not always been what I thought it would be. It has meant being quiet even though I have something to say or talking when all I want is a bit of silence. My kids make me think. They make me doubt. They have taken my heart. They have given me an ever-expanding sense of possibility.

It came as a surprise that the only mom my kids needed was the one willing to learn and grow along with them. The only mom my kids wanted was the one having fun parenting them.



I discovered that

the secret to good parenting is optimizing fun times with your kids.

When you have fun with your kids, you connect on a deeper level, create happy memories, and learn and grow together.


What’s more, you become naturally attuned to your kids, understand how their minds work, and generate enough good will to take you over the times when you need to set limits or teach them to stick to their chores.


I believe you can make the most of your time with your kids and enjoy parenting more when you actively plan and do fun activities together.



You are a great mom even if you have an uncontrollable urge to shriek at the sight of Chutes and Ladders and pushing Thomas down the track gives you post-traumatic stress disorder.  

Take a deep breath.

You. Yes, you. I see you. I know you are already a rock-star mom. You give the best hugs. You don’t have all the answers, but you are good at improvising. And you always have your children’s best interests at heart.

You don’t have to get everything right today. You are already the one mom your kids would pick from two billion other mothers in the world. That’s because there is no one in the world better suited to mother your children than you!




“This is such an interesting article – haven’t seen anyone talk about this topic before!” Tereza

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 ➡  Imagine a life where bonding with your children is fun, and parenting is easy (without a cup of wine and calming medication).

 ➡  Imagine starting each morning eager for the day ahead because you have the essential tools, mindsets, and strategies to parent with confidence and create happy memories.

 ➡  Imagine a world where pretend tea parties are optional, art projects can be contained, and kids can clean up their own messes (without damaging their free spirit in the process).


When you join Kid Minds community, you’ll bring FUN and PLAY into your everyday interactions with your children without adding more stress to your life.


I love every reader who stops by my blog. Do you want to say “hi”? Do you want to share what your biggest challenge was today? Write me at I read every comment and email.

Warmly, Eva