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Nurture an emotional bond with your kids but without making your life more stressful?

Inspire kids’ minds through hands-on projects but not spend all day getting them ready?

Give kids the space to explore freely but make sure they learn fractions too?


I believe that when you combine the science of how children learn with the power of kids’ minds, you unleash the true learning.

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Imagine starting each morning feeling calm, confident, and eager for the day ahead because you have a game plan and the essential tools, mindsets, and strategies to excel.

When you join the Kid Minds’ community, you’ll learn the science of how kids’ minds really work, discover creative ways to teach and connect with your kids, and acquire useful mind tools so you can enjoy your homeschooling journey, not just survive it.


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Hi! I’m Eva, the CEB (the chief executive boo-boo-kisser), and Director of Development in our home.

Having four kids in 8 years has taught me that my heart can throb with more love than I ever thought possible, at the same time as my stamina-serenity can get tested like never before.

I also have learned what a joy it is to watch little kids discover things. Their curiosity, patience, desire to learn, and determination are contagious, and it’s such a privilege to watch them grow.

I didn’t want to end our fun by sending them to school, so I rolled up my sleeves and put my business career, academic research background, and kids yoga teacher training to work by looking for the best systems, tools, and mindsets to create a thriving learning environment in the home.

I wanted to teach reading, writing, and multiplication without losing sight of what was most important: the love of learning, the imagination, creativity, and a growth mindset. With much trial-and-error and lots of research, I discovered that when you combine the science of how children learn with the power of kids’ minds, you unleash true learning.

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