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that the real secret to great learning is inside a kid’s mind.


And the best way to unleash the power of kids’ minds and allow them to flourish is


  • By giving space for free thinking and creative problem solving;
  • By fostering imagination and creativity;
  • kid minds learningBy nurturing the belief that not accepting things as is opens new avenues of thought;
  • By demonstrating that mistakes are a portal of discovery;
  • By promoting diversity of thought over conformity;
  • By cultivating a growth mindset;
  • By inspiring self-discipline and the courage to be different.


Are you ready to shake things up?



Hi, I’m Eva.


I’m passionate about the human mind, about learning, and about early childhood education.


As far back as I remember, I was fascinated by the power of the human mind. When I was a young girl, I was captivated by my grandfather’s stories of the Gulag where he was a prison inmate with Alexander Solzhenitsyn (my grandfather is in his book Archipelago Gulag). Imprisoned as a young man for crimes he didn’t commit, my grandfather did not let the Gulag break him. Instead, once free, he went on to carve a life of passion for himself. He learned English and French, wrote a Ph.D. dissertation on metallurgy, married a woman of his dreams (an English professor), had two children, and lived a long life. Consequently, I believe that you can have anything you want and the sky is not the limit.


“Men and women are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of

their own mind.” —Franklin D. Roosevelt


How do we become prisoners of our own minds?


Through education.


Studying psychology, neuroscience, and childhood development did not teach me as much about how people think, learn, and grow as having my own children. Staying at home with my four kids helped me discover that the educational norms of society are completely opposite to how my children learned. The individual teachers are doing the best they can, but conveyor-belt education was never designed with children in mind. In fact, the rigid, bureaucratic, formulaic, mammoth system of public education all over our planet is ill-equipped to prepare our children to succeed in today’s world made up of speed, complexity, and a level of competition never experienced by previous generations.


“I have never let my schooling interfere with my

education.” (often attributed to Mark Twain)


What I believe: 


  • I believe that laughing kids learn best.
  • I believe that the highest goal of education is to promote a capacity for learning and creating and not stuffing heads with facts and concepts.
  • I believe that the schooling methods perfected by previous generations do not work any longer. We live in a different world, and we have to educate our children differently than previous generations did.
  • I believe that the real value of education is in how it can help our children succeed in the real world (when was the last time you had to multiply fractions?).
  • I believe that the true aim of learning should not be to get something “right” but to make up something new.
  • I believe that when we inspire kids to pursue their passions, we put them on the path to well-being and success, unleash their infinite potential, and make the world a better place.


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My mission is to inspire a new way to approach learning and teaching.


And in the process, you inspire me!


  • I’m inspired when I know that I’m not alone on my journey.
  • I’m inspired when I succeed in making you question conventions and challenge things we take for granted.
  • I’m inspired when readers tell me that my activity inspired them.
  • I’m inspired when I hear from you!


Thank you!



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