Leaf Stencil and Learning Kid Linkup

Leaf Stencil and Learning Kid Linkup


Welcome back to our weekly Learning Kid Linkup!  We are so glad you are here!  

Autumn is that time of the year when we get obsessed with leaves.  Every day we go for a walk and bring home piles of leaves.  We organize them by color, shape or variety.  We play “store” with them (with real money!).  We eat them (well, some of us, anyway).  We also love doing projects with them.  Leaf stencil is a nice project because kids can do it on their own and then we can use their work as postcards and send them to friends and family.


What you need
Tempura paints


Leaf Stencils
1. Place a leaf on paper.
2. Stick a sponge into water, squeeze the water out, then dab the sponge into the paint (we picked autumn colors).
3. Dab the sponge around the edges of the leaf on the paper to create the stencil
4. Lift the leaf and allow to dry
5. We cut the paper out and glued it to a folded green paper.

And now to the linkup!

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The featured post this week is How to teach Vocabulary with Great Books from All Day Mom.  It’s a great blog and it has many wonderful ideas for you to explore.  Check it out!



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