Green Pancakes without Artificial Colorings

Last year when we were exploring, if the chlorophyll extracted from plants can work as a coloring agent, we experimented with spinach and got the idea to try it as the coloring agent in our pancakes. The first time we tried it, the result was disappointing.  Even though we could see some green in the middle, the outside of the pancake was brown.  On a second try, I accidentally bumped the heat to low.   Low heat over a longer period produced pancakes that were green all around!!!  


Most huge discoveries are accidental: microwave, rubber, and plastic.  Now we can add green pancakes without artificial colorings to the list!  My kids pronounced that not only green pancakes are “cool” but delicious.  If you try to avoid food colorings, sprinkles or any other “natural” dyes in your diet, like we do, then this recipe is perfect for you.  


Green pancakes without artificial colorings.  The rich green color comes from fresh and nutritious spinach.  Perfect for St. Patrick's Day or any other day of the year!

The other day I had a conversation with my friend about my green pancakes.  We talked about how lucky we are to live in this time and age.  If scientists discover that spinach is good for us, we can read about it on the internet during a morning cup of tea, buy it in the afternoon and cook it for dinner.  Then the irony of this struck us.  My grandma who was not aware of any of these discoveries regularly made spinach pierogi.  She made them because of the common sense conviction that greens are better than meat.  I rejected my grandma’s wisdom in my teens as outdated, then came back to it in my 30s.  Things have come full circle indeed!   


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Green Pancakes without Artificial Colorings


Green Pancakes without Artificial Colorings


5oz bag of spinach

2 eggs

1 Tbsp oil

1 Tbsp vanilla

1 Tbsp honey

5.3oz container of yogurt

1/4 cup milk

1 1/2 cup flour

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt


1. Heat the pancake griddle.  Set it on low.  

2. Beat the spinach with all the liquid ingredients (eggs, oil, vanilla, honey, yogurt, milk) in a food processor until nice and smooth.


Green pancakes without artificial colorings

3. In a separate bowl mix the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder and salt).


Green Pancakes without Artificial Colorings

4. Add the dry ingredients to the blender and process until an even consistency.  


Green Pancakes without Artificial Colorings


5. On a large griddle cook the pancakes on low on both sides. (I love my Black + Decker griddle.  With it I can make perfect pancakes AND waffles AND eggs just by changing the cooking surface). 


Green pancakes without Artificial Colorings


6. Heat until dry around the edges.  Note that it will take longer than usual since instead of HIGH you are cooking on LOW.  Sometimes when I’m in a rush, I will turn it up to medium, and the pancakes will get a bit of brown tint. 


Green pancakes without artificial Colorings.  The rich, green color comes from fresh, nutritious spinach!

I grew up on crepes, so thinner pancakes (above) are my preference, but if you would like your pancakes a bit thicker (pic below), all I did was use the above recipe plus an additional tablespoon of flour and a tablespoon of honey. 


Green pancakes without artificial colorings.  The rich green color comes from fresh and nutritious spinach!


My favorite way to eat pancakes is with melted Irish butter or with something creamy like mascarpone or sour cream.  My kids love maple syrup.


Green Pancakes without artificial colorings.  The rich green color comes from fresh and nutritious spinach.  Enjoy them on St. Patrick's Day or any other day of the year!

Easy and cool pancakes that are rich in vitamins and minerals and look festive!  
What do you think? 
What is your favorite pancake recipe?




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  2. Homegrown Adventures · Edit

    Green pancakes!!!! How cool is this. I bet you could come up with purple, orange, and red pancakes as well without using artificial flavors. I can totally see a rainbow plate of pancakes. You are always so creative.

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  4. Now all that you need is to add some ham, so you can have green pancakes and ham haha. That would be fun for kids, and a festive way to have St. Pattys day breakfast!

  5. This is great! I have so many friends that are vegans or simple food conscious. They are all worried about the kind of dyes that are going into their foods and the foods they are feeding their kids.

  6. When I was thinking of making something for St. Patricks Day without the artificial coloring, a very good friend of mine recommended using spinach as well. I didn’t get to do it but I see that it turned out great!


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