Apple Sorbet

When my friend told me she never had apple sorbet I was
speechless for 30 seconds.  And if you
don’t know me well let me just clarify. 
30 seconds is a very long time!  If
you don’t make apple sorbet, what do you do with leftover apples?  You know when you eat half an apple and don’t
feel like finishing it.  Or when your
kids only take two bites out of an apple and say they are done.  Or when you grab a box of apples at Costco
and come home to discover three more apples in a fridge?  I chop them up and freeze them.
I think keeping some frozen apples in a fridge is handy for
a couple of reasons.  
1. You brewed some chamomile tea for
kids or yourself and it’s burning hot. 
Throw some frozen apple chunks in your tea to cool it down fast and to add a little
flavor (nothing too strong like with lemon ice cubes I talked about here).
2. You finished dinner and can’t
decide if you are full or not.  Don’t go for
seconds, suck on frozen apples while cleaning the table.  Not only you will save time (eating takes
time), your waistline will thank you.    
3. Craving ice-cream?  You are probably in need of some TLC.  Open a good book, sit in a comfy chair and set
a bowl of frozen apples by your side.  By
the time you are done with the bowl of frozen apples, all thoughts of ice-cream
will vanish from your head.
4. Most importantly, if you need some
delicious and comforting dessert quickly just turn frozen apples chunks into
apple sorbet.  If you ask me, it’s pretty
divine any time of the day!  (But then
again I do have a peculiar taste and a bag of baby kale can throw me into an ecstasy). 
For us making an
apple sorbet is such a permanent part of our lives I can’t imagine anyone not
doing the same.  Besides, it’s the
healthiest and yummiest dessert I know. 
We crave what we eat most often. 
Why not train our buds to crave healthy things? 
This dessert is impossible to screw up.  Chop, freeze and blend!  Feel free to peel apples before freezing them
but keep in mind that apple skin is full of beneficial nutrients.  If you are not in love with lemon, add less
lemon juice, but I think it brings out the apple flavor.  The quantities suggested are our favorite
proportions; adjust them to your taste. 

3 apples
2 Tbsp lemon juice
3 Tbsp maple syrup
2 Tbsp water
1. Wash apples and chop them into cubes.
2.  Put it into freezer in a plastic bag at least over-night.
3.  When you are ready for sorbet throw frozen apple cubes, lemon juice and maple syrup into a blender equipped with a S blade. 
4.  Add 1-2 Tablespoons of water to help the processing, if you are not getting the desired consistency. 
5.  Process until smooth.  Enjoy! 

Have you ever had apple sorbet?

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