A book about ME – Activity for Kids with Free Printables


Kids love to read about themselves.  This book is easy to make, fun to read and it’s a great bonding activity.  Kids love to be
the center of your attention and they enjoy answering questions about themselves.


We have done a couple of these over the years.  My daughter would be happy to make a new one every day.  She thinks it’s one of the best things you can possibly do – cutting, gluing, writing and talking about what she likes to do. 


What you need

  • paper
  • scissors
  • pens
  • glue
  • punch hole or anything else for making holes (you can also glue or staple the pages together)
  • yarn or ribbon (if that’s what you pick for keeping the pages together) 
  • photo of your child and perhaps family members, if you are including them on family page (alternatively, you can ask your child to draw self-portrait and family members)
  • printer (if you are printing my printables)


The following are some pages from different books we made over the years.  You see the Victoria Secret model on the last page?  More about it below. 








I asked my daughter what is a picture of a model doing in her book.  She said,“She looks like you.”  

“Oh,” I said, “You think I look like a swimsuit model! It’s so sweet.  Thank you!”  

“No,” she corrected me, “that’s how you looked on old pictures.  Before the kids.”  

Hmmm… Oh, well, it’s still kind of a compliment, I guess.  



At the end of the post I offer some templates for sample pages and the common things kids love to eat and to do.  You can print it out and use it.  This way you can jump into putting a book together right now.  Or go to Google Images and find images that better
suit your child’s personality.   If you little ones show interest in using scissors, let them cut all the pictures out (under supervision).  You can also add pages that seem relevant to your child, hobbies, perhaps, or favorite books or toys they dream about.  Sometimes I give my kids toy catalogs and ask them to cut out a few pictures for their book (I call it a sneaky way to get some scissor practice into their day).   Depending on the age of your child you do the writing or ask them to do it (i.e. the names of foods they like or activities they picked, heading for the pages, names of family members).  Have a picture of your child ready for the front
page and pictures of your family members for Family Page.  You are all set to start.  I hope you have fun doing it!   

Templates – Kids Love to Eat and Do

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